Bonhoeffer’s resistance

Bonhoeffer’s resistance

The One Who Threw a Spoke into the Wheel: Bonhoeffer’s Resistance to Hitler

Since this post originally went live back in 2009, Chris Holmes has moved on to assume a position lecturing on theology at the University of Otega in New Zealand.

At a time when no fewer than six Hollywood films have been released dealing with the phenomenon of Nazism and the figure of Adolph Hitler, it is timely to step back and listen to how one of the last century’s most holmes_ie.jpginfluential theologians chose to contend with these matters. “Dietrich Bonhoeffer is one of the theological giants of the 20th century. At the age of 39 he went to death as a martyr, being found guilty of taking part in a conspiracy to assassinate the Führer.”

At the most recent ideaExchange, Dr. Christopher Holmes, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Providence Seminary and an active member of St Margaret’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg, explored what drove Bonhoeffer – a committed pacifist – to partake in the plot to kill Hitler, and to disavow his pacifist convictions.

Some 65 people gathered on a chilly winter evening to listen as Holmes gave us access to the person and work of Bonhoeffer and helped us draw some lessons that can be for today, as we participate in the struggle for justice.

For those who want to explore this material further, you can not only listen to the podcast, but also read a sample of Bonhoeffer’s theologically-informed poetic work.

There are two ways to hear this podcast (runs 1:01:47):